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  • Capital Profile

Effective due diligence

“Asia’s emerging markets are the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing. Understanding the people behind the companies can make a difference between success and failure.”

Capital Profile offers a broad perspective into influential business families and controlling stakeholders from emerging markets in Asia. We provide intricate portraits of personal and business activities, in conjunction with real time news, to help investors and advisors manage risks and identify opportunities.
Capital Profile is designed to enhance your due diligence process through:
  • Write-ups highlighting origins, family members; personal, political, and business affiliations; default and litigation events; major corporate decisions, among others.
  • Family trees outlining relationships, as well as detailed information on key individuals.
  • Corporate structures outlining investments and shareholdings, as well as detailed information on key shareholdings.
  • Detailed deal database with values.
  • Real-time aggregated and proprietary news on personal and business activities.
  • Weekly reports highlighting significant corporate events and wealth estimates, based on listed shareholdings, of the top families in Capital Profile’s universe.


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